Solar Energy

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Solar power, wind power, hydro power? Renewable resources, pollution free electricity, solar thermal systems, energy or money savings? There is a lot of information out there, but if you wonder if green technology is also for you, give us a call for a consultancy appointment!

~You can invest in your Future by investing in Solar~

A solar power system will improve property values, pay for itself, and provide a lifetime of free energy. We can help you reduce or eliminate your power bill for life, freeing you from concerns about annual power cost increases.

There is still time to take advantage of the WA state incentives and the Federal tax credit.

    ◊ Washington state electric utilities are offering net metering, which allows PV owners to store excess energy in the power grid for later use, without the use of batteries.

    ◊ The Washington state utility rebate program was recently extended. This program will pay PV owners $0.15/kwh – $0.54/kwh for the power that they generate each year until June 2020. Customers who install systems this year can profit from seven years of payments.

These state programs are limited to those customers who enroll in the program before program quotas are met.

There is a 30% personal or business federal tax credit for PV systems set to expire in 2016.

WA solar production incentive Federal tax credit

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can be practical on almost any site, requiring only an unshaded view of the sun.

Advantages include:

• View-friendly; mount to existing roofs or low ground-mount structures.

• Low maintance, no moving parts.

• Long life, 25 year warranty.

• Quiet, silent operation.



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